João Álvaro Rocha:

I've known the work and the personality, the product and the author, for many years. In some ways, the unyielding desire of the architect is reflected in work where the effort to turn his back on the most current images is an almost obsessive constant. The architect knows that using clear, simple forms is not the approach of the moment but he is determined to employ them because he doesn't want to convert his work into a mere exercise in representation. His work is more a crucible where multiple questions and specific answers - to the site, to the programme, to the need to express himself sensitively, to the issues of construction - meet in an intense experience that is never fully revealed at first sight. Everything is supported by a content that demands reflection.
This content is always behind his plans and sections, always neat and precise, as if the very essence of the project depended on them. No element is out of the precise place assigned to it through an intense process of elaboration. Nothing escapes from this process, which is not conditioned by any dogmatic attitude other than the rigor of the approach itself. Architecture is made and nurtured during the process of every project, no matter the size and scale. Everything is studied and nothing is left to chance

(taken from a text by Francisco Mangado, May 2008)

10th January 1959: João Álvaro Rocha was born in Viana do Castelo, on the north coast of Portugal;
1977 and 1982: attended the architectural course at Porto’s School of Fine Arts, obtaining a graduate degree in 1986.
1982: starts his professional career.
1983 to 1990: collaborated with the architects Jorge Guimarães Gigante and Francisco Melo, with the responsibility for several projects.
1988: held the architectural course at Escola Superior Artística of Porto University.
1989 to 1990: held lectures at the Ecole d’Architecture in Clermont-Ferrand (France).
1990 to 2001: was a lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture of Porto University.
1990 to 1995: worked in partnership with the architect José Gigante.
1996: starts his own company João Álvaro Rocha – Arquitectos, Ltd.
1998 to 1999:  was a lecturer at Escola Superior de Arquitectura, part of the International University of Catalonia in Barcelona.
1999 to present: was a teacher at Escola Técnica Superior de Arquitectura, part of University of Navarra in Pamplona.
2000: was a lecturer at the Department of Architecture of Cornell University in New York.


Paula Barros
Tiago Carvalho
Vasco Cortez
Helena Limas
João Ventura Lopes
Gisela Maia
Susana Souto
Armando Viana
Alberto Vieira


Antonio Cayhuellas - Architect (Granada, Spain)
Adriano Pimenta – Arquitectos, Lda. (Porto, Portugal)
Capilla Vallejo - Arquitectos (Pamplona, Espanha)
Luis Loya, Arquitecto (Monterrey, México)
Mangado y Asociados S.L. (Pamplona, Spain)
Rámon Sanabria - Architect (Barcelona, Spain)
Souto Moura – Arquitectos, S.A. (Porto, Portugal)

urban design and urban planning:
Maria da Conceição Teixeira de Figueiredo Melo, Architect (Maia, Portugal)
Pedro Silva, Engineer (Porto, Portugal)

Manuel Pedro Melo, agronomist (Maia, Portugal)
Maria João Trigo, landscape architect (Amarante, Portugal)
Red - Relvados e Equipamentos Desportivos, Lda. (Maia, Portugal)

CM & Araújo – Engenharia e Projectos, Lda. (Porto, Portugal)
COBA - Consultores de Engenharia e Ambiente, S.A. (Lisboa, Portugal)
Engilima – Projectistas e Consultores, Lda. (Viana do Castelo, Portugal)
Fase – Estudo e Projectos, S.A. (Porto, Portugal)
Fernando Sarría Consultores, S.L. (Madrid, Espanha)
GEODATA S.p.A. HeadquartersGPO Engenharias, S.A. (Torino, Itália)
Grid, Consultas, Estudos e Projectos de Engenharia, Lda. (Lisboa, Portugal)
INCO – Ingenieros Consultores, SL.U. (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Tenerife, Espanha)
NSE - Consultores de Engenharia, Lda. (Lisboa, Portugal)
Póvoas & Associados, Engenheiros Lda. (Porto, Portugal)
P2E – Projectos de Engenharia Electromecânica, Lda. (Maia, Portugal)
Paulo Queirós de Faria - Engenheiros Consultores, Lda. (Porto, Portugal)
Proafa – Serviços de Engenharia, S.A. (Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal)
Prof.º Eng.º Vasco Peixoto de Freitas, Lda. (Porto, Portugal)
Projegui - Projectos de Construção Civil de Guimaraes, Lda. (Guimarães, Portugal)
Rodrigues Gomes & Associados - Consultores de Engenharia, S.A. (Porto, Portugal)
Streng – Engenharia de Estruturas, Lda. (Porto, Portugal)
Viaponte, Projectos e Consultoria de Engenharia, Lda. (Lisboa, Portugal)

graphic design:
Joana Melo Rocha, Designer (Maia, Portugal)

furniture and decoration:
Desenho Ibérico, S.A. (Matosinhos, Portugal)

Luis Calvo Hurtado, technical architect (Madrid, Espanha)
Jorge Pereira, estimator (Matosinhos, Portugal)

Armando Teixeira, architect (Porto, Portugal)
Manuel Gaspar, Maquetas, Lda. (Porto, Portugal)

renders and virtual images:
Carlos Lobão, architect (Porto, Portugal)
Luís Loya, architect (Monterrey, México)
Metro Cúbico Digital - 3D Architecture and Design Visualization (Braga, Portugal)

António Luís Neves, architect (Porto, Portugal)
Arménio Teixeira, photographer (Porto, Portugal)
Luís Ferreira Alves, photographer (Porto, Portugal)


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